Blue Dance

Is a story about a woman struggle to find her place in society, completely torn by her duties and her desires she will find herself alone at the end.
Laura Kaehr was called in to lead a workshop/seminar for the Master of Arts in Film at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). The topic of the class was the relationship between dance and film/camera. Laura created the choreography along with leading the cameraman to the various technics of filming dance.

Dancers: Till Brechtbühl, Chloé Granges, Bo Herpers, Naomi Kamihigashi, Lara Kleinrensink, Laetitia Kohler, Andrea Schlatter, Nicola Tiozzo, Evi Van Wieren

Choreographer: Laura Kaehr
Cinematographer: Ramón Königshausen
Assistant Camera: Sarah Jüstrich
Lighting Supervisor: Marco Quandt
Dolly Grip: Lukas Graf
Rough Cut: Rafael Kistler
Editing: Laura Kaehr, Ramón Königshausen
Song: The Dark Glow of the Mountain - Chris Zabriskie
Project Supervisor: Andreas Birkle
Mentoring: Rainer Klausmann, Stéphane Kuthy
Technical Support: Gian Courtin
Line Producer: Filippo Bonacci

© Zürcher Hochschule der Künste - ZHdK