Feature Film: «A Girl’s Education By The Sea» (working title)
Screenplay by Laura Kaehr & Larry Wilson. Story by Laura Kaehr
© Laura Kaehr
It is 1989. Elena, a beautiful but fragile teenage girl, arrives in a dance residency located in crumbling seaside mansion in Northern Europe. Elena is basically being abandoned by her cold mother, left to take care of herself in this dance academy/boarding school.

Elena is shunned by most of the girls. Her beauty and natural talent actually only serve to make it harder for her to fit in.

But two of the older girls, Orianne and Maud, take an interest in Elena that starts to border on the obsessive. Orianne and Maud are also outsiders, strangely separated from the other girls in ways that Elena doesn’t truly understand.

Elena also comes under the watchful eyes of the Headmistress Myrtha. She is a woman with her own secrets and obsessions, particularly in regards to Orianne and Maud.

Elena finds refuge from the harshly competitive environment of the ballet school in her rapidly developing and surprisingly deep friendship with Maud. As Elena’s and Maud’s friendship seems on the verge of becoming a love affair, Orianne’s jealousy becomes dark and dangerous. And Headmistress Myrtha opens up a Pandora’s Box of secrets surrounding Maud and Orianne. The ultimate secret being that they are ghosts. The two girls died under mysterious circumstances while attending the academy. Their trapped tormented spirits have haunted the school since their deaths.

Elena will be pushed to the very boundaries of her own sanity and mortality, as she questions rather a «life after death» with Maud is preferable to harshness and loneliness of the academy. And Headmistress Myrtha looms large. Is she trying to bring Elena back from the brink of death, or push her over to «other side» and into Maud’s arms, because of her own guilty secrets?